Farm Fresh Launch – 24 Sept 2010

The mission of the company is to revive traditional delicacies and to present them in a more contemporary format for greater convenience.

Launched on the 24th September 2010, by the Hon Dr Lawrence Gonzi, Prime Minister and blessed by HE Mgr. Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo, Farm Fresh Limited is  a new enterprise of Magro Brothers of Gozo, who will now be venturing into the dairy industry. Another celebration was held in the evening where all owners of retail outlets were invited for a special event. Everyone could taste food items with the new Hanini products.

The new plant which involved an investment of over €750,000 and which will eventually employ over 45 persons, aims to revive the traditional cheese and irkotta traditional recipes which have been missing from the local market for over 70 years. The new plant will be housed in a Kasificju, the old name for cheese-making, dairy farms, and all products will be made from unpasteurised milk, however keeping the same traditional tastes. The dairy products will carry the brand name Hanini – a term of endearment chosen by Magro to express their love and affection for the traditions and skills of Maltese and Gozitan craftsmen.

The range of cheeses and cheeselets with sheep’s milk will be launched later on the year since fresh supply of this milk will start around November.