Magro Brothers promote Healthy Eating

Magro Brothers promote healthy eating habits

“Information by the Health Information and Research Department of Malta shows that around 33% of the Maltese population have overweight problems, whilst 20% are obese. Excess fat increases the risk of developing certain illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular problems and certain cancers. The best way of avoiding excess weight is by choosing to eat healthily and be physically active on a regular basis, making it easier to keep the ideal weight for life!” (Source: Health Promotion Unit – Malta)

Magro Brothers’, major producers of tomato products and dairy specialties, have embarked on a new marketing strategy, as part of their corporate social responsibility, by producing and promoting low fat and calorie products while keeping the same traditional good taste. “Our company prides itself in being an industry leader in responsible marketing practices. We are committed to the truthful and transparent marketing of our brands, so consumers can make informed choices. Our mission is to bring health through food to a maximum number of people. With the growing national epidemic of improper eating habits contributing to type 2 diabetes and heart disease, we are proud to offer a selection of products that not only taste good but are good for you. When you combine our quality tomato products and condiments or our dairy delights with other fresh ingredients you have the perfect recipe for nutritious eating.” John Magro, Managing Director, commented. Special attention has been given to the calorific values and fat content of various new lines being produced by the company. The Hanini spreadable cheese packs contain less than 10% fat content, by far much lower than butter and most other spreads and margarine on the market, whilst the company will soon be launching a new range of convenient snacks called “Maltese Dippers”. These dips contain less than 200 calories per pack, making them an ideal mid-day snack, and will be available in Tuna, Bigilla and Peppered Cheese varieties.

Other more traditional products, such as Three Hills Brand Kunserva, a mainstream product for the Group, has also been addressed, offering both a low salt or no sugar added option to the popular standard version. “we believe that small, simple steps are the best way to eat a little healthier and live well – even if you are on a budget. Creating good tasting specialties is our passion and we believe that eating better doesn’t have to be complicated or lacking flavour. We have worked hard to ensure that our products offer busy Maltese and Gozitans an ever-expanding range of convenient, versatile products. No one should have to sacrifice their favourite foods to live a healthier lifestyle… and that is why the products we are creating will still taste good albeit healthier.” Mr Magro continued. A major part of the Group’s products already declare the nutritional information for the product including a health guide portraying the recommended daily allowance for a balanced diet. Gluten-free, and products free from artificial colors and preservatives are also high on the company’s agenda.

A new recipe book will also be launched in the very near future presenting traditional Gozitan recipes. All recipes are displayed in English and Maltese and above all are accompanied by nutritional information analysis of the meal. Details on how to acquire a copy of this illustrative recipe book will soon be made public through the media. Social responsibility has been a key part of the Magro Brothers’ heritage since its inception in the early 1900’s and they remain committed to meeting environmental goals and consumers’ demands by implementing and driving awareness campaigns to encourage positive progress.

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