Hanini launch a range of Cheese products

Farm Fresh proudly launches the Hanini range of Cheeses, made with 100% fresh, pasteurised sheep’s milk. The range includes Hanini Fresh Gibniet tal-Bzar, Hanini Gibniet Nixfin, Hanini Pekorin Mature and Hanini Pekorin with Garden Herbs!

The Hanini Gibniet Friski (fresh cheeselets) retain the traditional, great taste of artisan cheeselets! After years of careful research, Hanini have created 100% pasteurised cheeselets, which make them safe to enjoy, while keeping the same great taste of Gozitan sheep’s milk cheeselets. Cheeselets commonly found on supermarket shelves are made with unpasteurised milk and therefore may be as source of harmful bacteria. Hence all the milk for the production of Hanini Gibniet undergoes a gentle and effective pasteurization heat process, that guarantees a safer product without affecting the great taste of the Gozitan cheeselets.

The same process is applied to the mature and peppered cheeselets. After the pasteurisation process, the cheeselets are dried using traditional methods in a hygienic environment, to comply with modern food safety standards.To make the mature peppered cheeselets, these are in turn soaked in wine vinegar and coated in cracked peppercorns following a time-honored family recipe.

Hanini’s Il-Pekorin, mature sheep’s cheese is available in 2 varieties: matured for over 90 days (wedge approximate 335g) or a younger cheese with fresh garden herbs and chilli flakes (full round approximate 850g or half round approximate 425g). This mouth-watering cheese may be enjoyed with various local recipes or simply on their own. The mature Pekorin makes an excellent grating cheese and  it takes over 2 litres of milk to produce the mature Pekorin cheese wedge.

Hanini cheeses are dedicated to promoting Gozo’s dairy heritage!