Three Hills Maltese Clocks Lottery

The clocks competition was again another successful promotion! Agian, thousands of people participated in the promotion.

Our clocks, better known as “l-Arlogg tal-Lira” are hand-crafted by dedicated craftsmen and are still made using age-old traditions handed down from generation to generation. They are made of wood which is plastered with over 20 layers of chalk and then hand-painted and gilded in 24 carat gold leaf. The face of the clock also captures the classic characteristics of this 400 year old tradition with hand painted roman numerals and a unique landscape portraying the beauty of Gozo. Each clock takes over 3 months of intense and passionate labour – a real gem of our past heritage!

Magro Brothers would like to thank all their loyal customers for their ongoing support towards their well know Three Hills Kunserva and other producs.

Congratulations to the 4 lucky winners!

1st Clock Winner: Valentina Saliba from Fgura
2nd Clock Winner: Gino Pavia from Zejtun
3rd Clock Winner: Charmaine Tabone from Tarxien

4th Clock Winner: Mrs Dolores Bugeja from Gzira
Three Hills Maltese Clocks Lottery