Hanini Farmhouse Yogurts

Hanini proudly announces the birth of another delicious product to our dairy family – Hanini Farmhouse Yogurts!

Following months of intense research and hard work, Farm Fresh Ltd have come up with 4 delicious flavours of fat-free yogurts – in-keeping with their policy of promoting a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing great-taste.

The present range includes Vanilla, Peach chunks, Apple and Cinnamon and Strawberry flavours… and as the name implies, these Farmhouse Yogurts are traditionally-made and wholesome.

Besides being fat-free, these yogurts are also gluten-free and contain a good source of fibre. Made from fresh cow’s milk, Hanini Farmhouse Yogurts undergo a gentle and effective pasteurisation heat process guaranteeing a safe dairy product. Each pot contains 160g of product making it ideal for your daily breakfast or mid-day healthy snack.

So when next you go shopping look out for our delicious Hanini Farmhouse Yogurts. Each pot cost only 35c which is one of the cheapest yogurt on the market!

When you try them out let us know what you think 🙂 www.magro.com.mt/contactus.aspx