Proud to be Maltese

Honoring our past – celebrating our future!

This is our core belief of in Gozo. For over 75 years, we has been making Kunserva with care and love, nurturing a real respect for the local farming community.

Over the decades we developed intense and supportive relationships with local farmers, investing together in quality and sustainability.

Our flag-ship product Three Hills Brand Kunserva, has been in production since 1934. The first Kunserva produced was then packaged in large cans and in tubes for the British Services’ fleets and was sold by weight locally in greaseproof paper.

Today, Three Hills Brand Kunserva is still produced from fresh Maltese tomatoes, as proudly declared on the can. This makes a superiortasting Kunserva boasting the same traditional taste of  75 years ago. As one of Malta’s staple foods, Three Hills Brand Kunserva is still the locals’ favourite brand.

Three Hills Kunserva