Tomato Season 2012

The heat is on and as the tomatoes grow plump and juicy, the machinery and factory at Magro Brothers is busy awaiting the first truckloads of tomatoes to arrive!

It is an exciting time – over a hundred and fifty employees are involved in one way or another to commence the harvesting season. Paperwork, maintenance on various, glimmering, stainless steel machinery is in check, trucks and tents are set up to welcome and weigh the red fruits and visits to local farmers ensures that the plants meet the strict quality control adhered to by the company.

For the fifth consecutive time, Mikela Magro, the youngest member of the Magro family, will initiate the season by throwing the first tomato into the plant – a tradition that has been followed ever since John Magro, Managing Director of Magro Brothers, was a child himself.

The factory will now be operating around the clock with rivers of tomatoes making their way to their appropriate cans – some will be chopped into pulp chunks, others made into juice and sauces and yet others will be used in the production of Malta’s favorite brand – Three Hills Kunserva!

Magro Brothers invite you to join them during this special time. Factory tours are available, whereby qualified tour guides will give demonstrations of the entire tomato process – a tour which will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Booking in advance is highly recommended. To book your tour please contact us on Freephone 8007 5533 or email us on