New Hanini Creamylight

Hanini Brand proudly announces the launch of yet another tasty, healthy product – Creamylight! The challenge in producing this new product was to create a healthier substitute to the traditional fresh cream. Fresh cream contains more than 40% fat whereas the Hanini Creamylight contains only 13% fat, yet with a great creamy taste!

This new gluten free product is available in two different varieties; Creamylight for Cooking and Creamylight for Desserts. The Creamylight for Cooking is ideal to use with pasta, soups, sauces, gravies and meat dishes. For the sweet lovers, the Creamylight for Desserts, a light flavored cream, is ideal to use with fruit, sponges, cakes and frozen desserts. You may also add it to your coffee! The two tubs can be easily distinguished by the color of their pots; the orange 160g tub for the cooking version and the violet coloured 160g tub for the desserts version. The Creamlight range has a shelf-life of around 30 days in the fridge, which is much longer than the standard fresh cream and this makes Creamylight more convenient to have at home.

Creamylight’s thick consistency is superb during cooking and its delectable creamy taste guarantees a praise of ‘well done’ after dinner.

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