Magro Brothers continue to bring Innovation and Convenience to the Mayor brand

Imagine not having to peel and dice your onions any more!!! Now you can…

Mayor select the sweetest and freshest onions for their latest innovative product “Diced Onions in Olive Oil”.

This latest addition to the household brand Mayor is all-natural, and contains diced peeled onions in olive oil, making it suitable for vegans, vegetarians and all food lovers,  with the added benefit of avoiding the messy peeling, dicing and tearful-eyes onion-peeling brings about!

The chosen onions are carefully peeled and lightly pan fried to perfection, greatly speeding up your recipe preparations. Each can contains approximately 4 medium-sized onions making them great for sauces, broths, grills, stir-fries and any other recipe that calls for cooked onions… hmmmm that’s almost every recipe I can think of !!!

Wondering to myself… “but I do not chop four onions every time I cook!!!” – well there’s nothing to worry about. Mayor’s Diced Onions will keep well, in an airtight container, in the refrigerator, for up to 10 days from opening – so basically it’s just a can of convenience!

During the launching activity of this product, Mr John Magro, chairman of Magro Brothers, explained that some 40 years ago, when he introduced the popular Mayor diced tomatoes, most local housewives were still peeling and dicing fresh tomatoes themselves. Today, most people just open a can or a jar of tomato pulp for their cooking without sparing a thought that they could actually do their own tomato sauce from scratch. He explained that he and his team are confident that when people start using their Mayor Diced Onions they will soon appreciate the convenience and the excellent taste of their new product and it will become a necessary pantry item by the majority of Maltese families.

You just cannot go wrong with Mayor’s new flagship onions… and again I wonder… what took them so long to come up with this idea aaaannnnndddd how did we ever live without it?