Tracklements The Life & Soul of the British Pantry

The British Heritage Food Hall, a niche section within the Savina Artisan Centre, proudly announces a new arrival!

To complement its exceptional array of British delicacies including Churchill’s Confectionery, all packaged in intricately embossed keepsake metal boxes, and ‘New English Teas’, a range of English tea caddies to fall in love with; the centre now welcomes a new British addition – “Tracklements”.

Based in the heart of Wiltshire, Tracklements love making award-winning range of over 60 artisan condiments, from the UK’s first Wholegrain Mustard to award-winning Fresh Chilli Jam.

Tracklement products taste as good as the best homemade as they are made in the same manner as one would at home; with the highest quality, natural ingredients, handmade in small batches.