30 Years Anniversary of Agostino Azzopardi & Sons Ltd

It was on the 15th of July 1992, Magro Brothers took over the management and ownership of Agostino Azzopardi and Sons Ltd.
Mr Agostino Azzopardi founded the company in 1916, as an importer and distributor of quality grocery products, and for over 50 years he was assisted in the day to day running of the company by his two sons.
Since the takeover by Magro Brothers, the company has expanded its portfolio to include the renowned Italian Crai franchise operation, in addition to acting as the sourcing and importation arm for the entire Magro Brothers organisation.
Today Agostino Azzopardi & Sons Ltd has become a leading purveyor & distributor of quality groceries and has over 100 CRAI franchisee outlets around Malta and Gozo.