To be a centre of excellence; the leading food processor in Malta and a recognized important operator in the food industry world-wide.


To excel in the production and provision of foodstuffs and to build up a lasting relationship with local and worldwide customers and suppliers, while upholding the family tradition of honesty and integrity; be a caring employer, offer value to our shareholders and achieve this for the benefit of the community at large.

Our Company Values are very simple:

We Love Food & Embrace Traditions

Innovate to Add Convenience

We Believe in Quality & Healthy Offerings

We’re big on our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility


Magro Brothers Group of Companies is a private, family-owned organisation. It finds its roots in 1916 when three Magro brothers joined their father`s business as general provisions merchants.

In 1934 they ventured in the processing and canning of fresh tomatoes and subsequently branched into a number of other business activities including the importation into Malta of livestock, fodder and foodstuffs and exports of local agricultural produce.

In 1977, John and Michael Magro, the sons of one of the first partners, took over the running of the business and further expanded their activities to include tinplate can manufacture, food distribution, retailing, advertising & marketing, property development.

In 1995, the company moved to a purposely built factory with a covered area of 27,000 square metres which today has become a centre of excellence for food processing in the Mediterranean.

The backbone of the food sector of Magro Brothers Group of Companies is the processing of fresh tomatoes – Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd is the major company within the group. It is one of the few local companies which handle the whole production cycle of tomato related products, from the growing of crops to the distribution of the finished product. This also includes the packaging such as tinplate-cans and “Coex” plastic bottles. The present production range is very diversified and includes canned tomatoes, table and pasta sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise and other condiments, thin sauces, jams and ready-to-eat jellies.

In 2004, as part of the company’s policy of diversification and living up to market expectations, Magro Brothers Group expanded their business to offer exclusive gifting and hampers of local delicacies and crafts under the Savina Brand and, in 2010 they ventured also in the production of traditional Maltese cheeses and dairy products under the Hanini Brand.

Today, with over 100 years’ experience, Magro Brothers Group of Companies has become one of the leading enterprises in Malta and has gained the respect of the local business community and the trust of most financial and commercial organisations. The owners take pride into rigorously monitoring the crops of the hundreds of farmers who regularly supply fresh agricultural produce. This has helped the company to achieve the well-deserved premier position in food processing in Malta.

In 2016, Magro Brothers celebrated their 100th anniversary in business with a number of events including a big celebration at the Villa Rundle in Victoria Gozo which was attended by hundreds of suppliers and clients.

You may view our 100th year celebratory activities, held on the 29th of May 2016 HERE

For a short clip about the 100 years history of Magro Brothers please click HERE .


1998: awarded the prestigious Award for Achievement in Industry.

1999: the companies were successfully inspected against the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Technical Standard (Foundation Level), becoming the first Maltese organization to obtain this certification.

2000 – to-date: the companies have been regularly inspected against BRC Standards at Higher Level. This was upgraded to Global Standard – Food in 2005 where they attained a Grade ‘A’ certification.

2005: inspected against BRC Global Standard – Food where they attained a Grade ‘AA+’ certification.

2000 – 2007: the companies were certified by the British Standards Institution for operating a Quality Management System which complied with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

2001: the prestigious Export Marketing Award – “Most Consistent Export Performer” for the year 2000.

2004:  ASDA award for ‘The Best New Production Facility 2003 and the distinctive Malta Enterprise Business Award for the Industry Category.

2008: certified by Moody International Certification for operating Food Safety Management Systems complying with the requirements of BS EN ISO 22000:2005.

2015: The Irish Quality Food Awards bestowed the Highly Commended Gold Award for their “Signature Taste Ketchup” – this  Ketchup is made following a time-honoured family recipe and contains 12 hand-picked, sun ripened tomatoes in aged Italian wine vinegar and further enhanced with selected Mediterranean spices and Sicilian lemon juice.

2017: award at the Gulfood Innovation Awards in Dubai for “Pinto’s Pride Spoon Stock” as Best Condiment. Gulfood is the world’s largest annual food and beverage exhibition, welcoming professionals from all over of the globe to meet for five days of business. Over 4,000 exhibitors took part that year.

Going Green!

For over 85 years we have been making food with care and love. We have nurtured a real respect for tradition – honouring the wisdom of age-old techniques in growing vegetables, following the cycle of the seasons wherever we possibly can.

Over the decades we have developed intense and supportive relationships with farmers, investing together in quality and sustainability. Together we have worked to reduce the use of pesticides, preferring instead a more organic approach to farming wherever possible. We have embarked on an awareness campaign among our farmers to use less fertilizers and have a subsidy scheme for the use of moth traps to replace certain artificial pesticides. Presently, we have embarked on a program to help our farmers make necessary adjustments to adapt to the effects of the climate changes.

Through generations’ worth of expertise and resources, together with a supportive farming community we aim to ensure that future generations will continue to share in nature’s endless bounty.

Helping to make a difference…

In our continuous efforts to manage environmental risks and liabilities, we strive to set realistic targets that work and measure our progress both internally and externally by constant supervision.

We strongly believe that Going Green is beneficial for both our business and the end consumer. As part of our everyday work we want to create positive forces that bring real benefits to the society at large. To this end, we keep our customers and their needs in mind at all times, whilst staying focused on what is achievable.

The following are on-going projects that are being closely monitored in our plant:

  • reduction carbon dioxide in our processes
  • reduction in the creation of waste material
  • increased recycling of water resulting in lower requirements of water
  • reduction of distance travel for our supplies
  • Installation of photovoltaic cells

Photovoltaic system:

Installation of a grid-connected 365kWp photovoltaic system. This generates approximately 620,100 KWh electricity per annum. As a result of this installation which is made up of 1460 panels over an area of 3,500 square metres, the company avoids over 500,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions annually. This represents approximately 40% of the power needed for the entire factory complex.

We employ a diverse workforce with over 150 employees in more than 15 different sectors and generate work for around another 100 companies in outsourced activities such as growers, farmers, transport, printing, advertising, etc. We respect and support our people, knowing they will respond by respecting and supporting Magro’s priorities. We also have a strong work ethic program that includes equal opportunities for the sexes; zero tolerance for all types of abuses, and full compliance with all local and UK employment regulations. As part of our Food Safety and Quality Policy we endeavour to create a culture which encourages employees to seek continuous improvement.

We also have a strong preventive program concerning health and safety, which was implemented way before the introduction of present regulations. Over the years we supported initiatives by the Red Cross and actively encouraged the setting up of a Red Cross station in Gozo, and we always try to help Gozitan patients support groups during their fund-raising activities. We also give ongoing support to the Gozo Centre for the disabled and also mental health associations.

Over time we have worked to create an innovative, flexible, fun and challenging culture where employees feel welcomed, recognised, included, rewarded, developed and inspired.

We do this by:

  • providing competitive compensation
  • empowering employees to help shape our workplace and business
  • on-going training and bi-annual meetings between management and employee to bridge distances
  • recruiting, cultivating and retaining employees who make a measurable difference
  • build an inclusive environment where all employees are encouraged to grow both personally and professionally
  • offer work/life flexibility that helps employees balance work with personal interests and responsibilities

Employees feel most valued when they are fully informed, understand the company’s business goals and plans, and are invited to offer their feedback on a regular basis.

Health and wellness are two words that mean the world to Magro Brothers.

Nourishing our consumers begins with our wholesome portfolio. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to provide consumers with nutritious, high-quality and great- tasting food for several decades.

Our goal is to make healthier products affordable for all clients. Today, more consumers are opting for healthier lifestyles and are looking for food to help them achieve their goals. Our products include healthy options without sacrificing the taste of the traditional version. We continue to add wellness to our product lines by reducing the levels of sugars, sodium and saturated fats, lactose free and gluten free products wherever possible. Our packaging also reflects our commitment, to researching and developing new healthy products, with most of our lines displaying the Nutrition Information and GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) with complete transparency and beyond statutory regulations.

At Magro Brothers we are proud of our long-standing commitment to the communities where we live and work. Our policies and guidelines ensure that we always act responsibly when it comes to health and nutrition.

Although Magro Brothers do not own agricultural land or operate commercial farming activities, we work very closely with our tomato producers association and our herdsmen to encourage sustainable farming while improving the living standards of the people who farm the land. Improving the lives of farmers requires effort and commitment from everyone involved in the whole chain of the production process.

We are constantly looking to add to our practices, water and energy conservation programs, improve air quality and reduce our impact on the environment.

In a conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Malta Standards Authority, John Magro, Chairman and Managing Director of the Magro Group of Companies was one of the main speakers.

He delivered a presentation entitled “Magro Brothers & Corporate Social Responsibility – a necessity in a small island community”, John Magro gave an insight on how Magro Brothers successfully managed to integrate CSR into their business strategy.

During this seminar, Magro Brothers were also presented with an EU certificate to process organic products. This is considered by the management of Magro Brothers as another important milestone in the company’s efforts to offer clients new products and improved facilities.