Baby Tomatoes growing up nicely

The small tomato plants which were planted some weeks ago are now slowing growing up and maturing. We cannot wait to start harvesting this season’s tomato fruits. Thank you for our dedicated farmers for their hard work.  

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Preparation for Tomato Season 2020

The process of this year’s tomato season continues. Our dedicated farmers are busy ploughing their fields to plant the baby tomato plants in the open fields. We can soon witness tomato plants growing in many fields around Malta and Gozo.  

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Controlling the spread of the Covid-19

In order to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19, Magro Brothers have been taking all necessary precautions. Several meetings and specialised training sessions were given to all employees, explaining the precautions one must take on the factory floor, at the offices and outside the premises. All instructions issued by the health authorities from time […]

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New Gibniet Moxxi

Hanini’s current range of Gibniet include Gibniet Friski (fresh) and a range of Gibniet Nixfin (Mature). We are now introducing Hanini Gibniet Moxxi which consist of semi-dry cheeselets made with pasteurised Sheep’s milk.  These type of gibniet start from a fresh (soft) cheeselets which are then semi dried in special chambers to remove the liquid […]

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Gulfood Exhibition 2020

Magro Brothers is currently participating in the Gulfood Exhibition which is taking place in Dubai. This is the 3nd time our company is taking part in this exhibition. Gulfood is the world’s largest annual food & beverage exhibition, welcoming professionals from all corners of the globe to meet for 5 days of business. Over 4000 […]

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