Hard work pays off!

Hard work pays off!
45 years ago, Mr John Magro, then just a 22 year-old lad who had finished his degree in accountancy, stepped into his late father’s shoes and took over the running of Magro Brothers.
Since the age of seven, when he lost his beloved father, John was always keen to get into the business and was constantly at his mother’s side assisting her, learning the ropes and acquainting himself with the legacy that his father had bequeathed.
Today, 45 years later, John is still working as hard as ever at his job although his three children are all active in the day to day running of the business! At 67 he still goes to work early and leaves at the end of the day when most of his 200-employee force have gone home. Over the decades he worked at building an empire encompassing the existing production company and new hard-earned ventures which has placed Magro Brothers on the worldwide map, as a proficient and 5-star rated organisation.
His success is undoubtedly due to his exceptional attention to detail and his involvement in all that goes on within the entire and varied plateau of works. One minute he will be advising on orders for production ingredients, then overseeing new permits for some office extensions, then scrutinising some new label in time for printing … and in between he will also be tasting a new recipe being brewed for a new product!
He never stops!
This was his dream – he worked at it and achieved!
This is our Boss – and he deserves it all!
Awguri John