Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd is a leading food processing company, situated in Malta, with over 100 years of history and a vast experience in export operations of table sauces and condiments.

Our company boasts a BRC Grade AA+ (unannounced) food safety certification. Organic certification and ISO 22000. We offer brand owners our manufacturing expertise and specialize in private labelling. Currently we supply our products to various multinational brand owners around the world and in major retail outlets.

We are always on the lookout for importers, distributors, retailers and brand owners for our products and we also offer our expertise in researching and developing new products and recipes.

Below, please find a brief presentation to be downloaded, outlining the product categories that we offer, including tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, steak sauce, salad cream, BBQ Sauce, burger sauce, kebab sauce, ready-to-eat jelly, ethnic sauces, thin sauces, pasta sauces and other sauces in various glass, plastic and PET packaging. Moreover, our R&D Department can adapt to a client’s requirements in terms of recipe and packaging. Also, please find a sheet of all the packaging options we can offer.

Building long term relationships with our clients is something that we, at Magro Brothers, strongly believe in and we go to great lengths to ensure that our valuable clients receive first rate service.

We look forward to discussing any business opportunities with your company, so feel free to contact us.


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The company is already established in various overseas markets with sales offices in UK, Ireland and Italy supplying high profile International brands. These renowned brand owners trust our company to supply products with their brand name, demanding for high quality products to maintain the reputation of their brand.

Mayor Brand

The Mayor Brand is a well established everyday Maltese grocery brand of quality, which offers convenience through innovation and actively respects health awareness of users.

Pinto Pride

Pinto’s Pride offers a comprehensive range of cooking aids and condiment products, designed for adventurous kitchen lovers who appreciate good tasting food from around the world.

Potters Brand

The Potters Brand creates a range of wonderful quality jelly which are loved by both young and adults at heart.

Victoria Brand

The Victoria Brand is an everyday grocery brand invoking a Maltese origin and destined to compete with value brands in the retail and food service sectors.

Mayor Brand

The Mayor Brand is a well established everyday Maltese grocery brand of quality, which offers convenience through innovation and actively respects health awareness of users.

LOL Brand

The LOL Brand is a grocery brand invoking youth and fun; designed to offer sauces and condiments to compete with value brands in the retail and food service sectors.

Brava Brand

The Brava range of condiments offers great-tasting healthy products and good value for money in the retail and food service sector.


Today, with over 100 years in the business, Magro Brothers has a wide experience in dealing with demands and expectations of world class organizations and brand owners in the retail and food service sectors. Below are some international brands with whom Magro Brothers had the pleasure to be of service.


To ensure our long term business success we strive to maintain the highest ethical standards, with a passion for food and innovation, with our Tradition of Quality and with excellent customer service, to ensure that we meet and exceed our clients expectations and by doing so we turn customers into ambassadors for our business.

Malta is an ideal location for efficient international business connections. Located at a strategic crossroads between Europe and Africa, Malta is a meeting point of cultures and languages at the center of the Mediterranean.

Malta has excellent inbound and outbound shipping and air freight. There are several carriers including the national carrier, Air Malta, which operates regular flights to major European capitals and several North African destinations. Major international and low-cost carriers operate to and from Malta.

The country has invested in sophisticated ICT infrastructure and is well connected to the international backbone.

Malta has friendly relationships with Mediterranean rim countries and the countries representing the major investment markets worldwide. Through the bilateral agreements between Malta and the countries outside the EU, and through Malta’s traditional economic links, the country strengthens its position as a business location and financial centre in the wider Mediterranean region.

Malta is also a major transshipment hub in the region. Malta Freeport is one of the most efficient and successful Freeport operations in the Mediterranean. We also have a strong banking and legal framework for business transactions.

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Our client portfolio is vast and is distributed among 5 continents around the world.  We supply big multinational companies and we also supply small private label owners, with good quality products, efficiently, reliably and consistently.

We offer flexibility to our clients in terms of particular taste profiles, which can be developed by our in house Research and Development Laboratory, and also flexibility if a client needs particular packaging.


In 1998, Magro Brothers were awarded the prestigious Award for Achievement in Industry. In December, 1999, the companies were successfully inspected against the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Technical Standard (Foundation Level), hence becoming the first Maltese organization having this certification.

Since December 2000, the companies are regularly inspected against the BRC Standard at Higher Level, upgraded to Global Standard – Food in 2005 and attaining Grade ‘A’ certificate.

In May, 2001, the companies received the prestigious Export Marketing Award for the category of “Most Consistent Export Performer” for the year 2000.

In May, 2004, the companies gained the ASDA award for ‘The Best New Production Facility 2003’, and in December, 2004, they won the distinctive Malta Enterprise Business Award for the Industry Category.


From 2000 to 2007, the companies were certified by the British Standards Institution for operating a Quality Management System which complied with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

In 2008, the companies were certified by Moody International Certification for operating Food Safety Management Systems complying with the requirements of BS EN ISO 22000:2005.

Magro Brothers still undergo regular third party food safety and ethical audits by independent international bodies to ensure highest level of service. Since 2016, Magro Brothers grades AA+ in BRC Certification.