Monday-Friday at 9.15, 10.15am and 11.15am.

The minimum number of persons per tour is 5 people. Thank you for your cooperation.

The premises is equipped with a number of separate gents and ladies toilets and 2 special need toilets. Nappy changing facilities are also available. The Savina artisan centre and Farm Fresh section are set on one level. Entrance to the Magro Brothers’ offices is accessible by a ramp and a lift and two flights of steps.

Below please find a brief information about the various sections of our tour. For full ‘Access Details’ please click HERE to download.

The Magro Brothers firm has been in the food trade business in Gozo since 1916. The business started off with three brothers who were provision merchants, bartering Gozitan agricultural produce with provisions originating from the main island of Malta or imported. They would travel to and from Malta twice a week, and this would take them a whole day to cross over, to exchange their Gozitan fruit and vegetables in return for kitchen utensils and other requirements needed on the island of Gozo. These items were then sold on the open market in the main town square of Rabat, called Pjazza Savina, which for many centuries was the main market square for the island of Gozo. Since then, four generations of Magro Brothers have invested their efforts and passion for food to become the largest food processing company in Malta.

Tomato processing – a big activity in Gozo during Summer months

The main production line of Magro Brothers is the processing of tomatoes. Here in Gozo you can see that there are still ample parcels of land that are still farmed on a daily basis. The cultivation of tomato is still the largest farmed crop in the Maltese islands during the months of July and August, when it is the peak of the harvest season, the Magro Brothers food processing complex is busy turning tomatoes into cans of pulp, juice, tomato paste and delicious ketchup and sauces. There are still over 200 active farmers on the islands and all their crop is bought by Magro Brothers under contract. Gozo produces very tasty, sweet tomatoes! What makes such good tomatoes here in Gozo is that they are still grown in open fields and sun-ripened – making them very sweet and juicy. When harvesting, due to the small distances, it takes less than 24 hours for the tomatoes to be processed – ensuring that the sauces produced taste of fresh tomatoes just as when they were picked. Around 8,000 tons of tomatoes are processed every year.

Tomato processing
Tomato processing
Tomato Processing

Cheese making Centre

Besides the tomato plant, the Magro food village houses a cheese making centre and a gourmet yogurt facility. Here Magro Brothers produce cheeses and dairy products using traditional methods in obviously more hygienic ways. Their range includes the traditional Gozitan cheeselets, fresh cottage ricotta and excellent Pekorin cheese…really worth a try!

Cheese making
Cheese making

Keeping Mediterranean traditions alive at Savina Artisan centre

What is also very special at the Magro Food Village is the fact that you can actually view artisan food in the making. Depending on what the production for the day is, we might get to watch either cheeselets, chutneys, sun-dried figs, olive oils, honey or jam being crafted. This part of the tour, in the Savina Creativity Centre, is proof of Magro Brothers’ passion for traditional local food. All the products are typically Maltese and made with only the best ingredients. You will also be able to watch traditional crafts such as lace-making and candle-making. At the Savina Centre you will also be able to sample the food and dairy products…which are well liked by both locals and visitors. If you have any questions you can ask the staff as they are very knowledgeable in their work and obviously you may also opt to take a product home with you to remind you of Gozo’s tastes and traditions. The Savina Artisan Centre is open seven days a week and no pre-booking is required. Entrance is free of charge.

Book a 1 hour free of charge tour to view the Magro Food Village which includes Magro processing plant, the cheese making Centre and the Savina Artisan Centre. A tour leader will guide the group around the premises. All tours need to be pre booked. A small token will be given to all visitors. Alternative, one can stop at the Savina Artisan Centre for a quick taste of this culinary experience of Savina.

Savina Products
Savina Candle Making
Savina Caper Processing and Packaging
Savina Honey Making
Savina Sea Salt Flakes
Savina Gozitan Antipasto


By Car: From Mgarr Harbour follow the main road to Victoria, until you reach the main roundabout. Then follow the signs to The Magro Food Village.

By Public Transport: From Mgarr, catch the 301 bus (approx every 45 minutes after the arrival of the Gozo Channel Ferry); From Victoria, catch the 302 and stop at Tal-Hamrija bus stop (bus leaves Victoria every hour and 5 minutes example 9.05am, 10.05am)

Details required on booking include the date of your visit, time of tour, number of adults and children, email address and a contact mobile number.

Contact us on or call our free phone 8007 5533 or landline +356 21556663

At the Magro Food village we also organize extra hands on activities which come with a fee.

Hands-on Kitchen Activity Visitors will have the opportunity to see the preparations of traditional Gozitan food delicacies in the making such as Gozitan cheeselets and ricotta. These demonstrations will be carried out by local people who inherited the knowledge of traditional food preparation and preservation from their ancestors. After the demonstrations, hands-on cooking activities will follow where we show how the prepared delicacies are used in traditional dishes. Tasting of the prepared food will also be possible. Maximum number of people for this activity is 15.

Team building activities including a milking competition & tomato throwing activity

Milking Competition – The competition consists of 3 animated milking cows. Each group will be given a bucket and a measuring jug. Timed turns will be given to each group to assess the volume of “milk” milked by each group.


Tomato Throwing Activity – The activity consists of 3 tomato-related boards and each group will be given a specified number of “tomatoes” (balls). The aim of the game is to hit as many tomatoes as possible on the boards.