Hanini Ricotta Launch
Farm Fresh proudly launches its first, fresh, artisan product under the brand ‘Hanini’ - Irkotta friska fil-Qaleb.

What makes this product so special is its great taste, texture and convenience. Made with great care and dedication, Hanini's Irkotta is made from pasteurised cow's milk and is packaged in a protective atmosphere to guarantee freshness. For greater convenience, it is available in 250g and 500g and inside you will find a "qaleb" (basket) which helps you extract the ricotta from its tub more easily.

Hanini Irkotta can be enjoyed on its own or else served with other dishes like pies, casseroles and pasta dishes.

Check it out ... and if you would like to forward us any comments or ask us any questions you can call us on freephone number 8007 5533 or email us on customercare@magro.com.mt

Some Information

Nutrition per 100g of product:

Energy             148kal / 615kJ
Protein             7.9g
Carbohydrate   4.8g
Fat                   10.8g

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow’s milk, milk solids, sea salt, mineral salts.
Allergy advice: Contains Milk

Hanini Ricotta Launch

Hanini Ricotta Launch